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Atlus not planning western release of Catherine

Catherine, the punishing erotic puzzler from the same team behind the Persona series, won’t be getting a western release according to Atlus. “Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a North American release at this time,” … Continue reading

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The one minute Dead Space 2 death that took eight months to plan

It’s not ruining anything to tell you that Franco Delille doesn’t die of old age in Dead Space 2, seeing as his demise happens, quite horrifically, in the opening moments of the game. But more surprising than his death is … Continue reading

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Minecraft coming to iPad, iPhone and Android

Markus “Notch” Persson’s sandbox building game Minecraft, better known to some of you as the reason for having internet, is coming to iPhone, iPad and Android devices later this year. Though there are plenty of unofficial Minecraft apps currently cluttering … Continue reading

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Telltale making video game versions of Walking Dead and Fables

Sam & Max‘s Telltale Games have scored a comic book coup d’état, announcing plans to develop episodic games around two of the most amazing and acclaimed graphic novel series currently running, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and Bill Willingham’s Fables. … Continue reading

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Felicia Day does a mean “Blue Steel” in Dragon Age Redemption trailer

Felicia Day is sword-swinging, back-flipping and knife-throwing her way through this first trailer for Dragon Age Redemption, the upcoming web series she’s writing and starring in with Bioware’s backing. The six-episode story will follow The Guild star as Tallis, an … Continue reading

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Dead Island teaser trailer looks good coming and going

Dead Island, the once perpetually in search of a publisher zombies cum Sandals® title from Call of Juarez developer Techland, hasn’t ever pinged my survival horror radar – I mean, I have nothing but love for the walking dead, but … Continue reading

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EA already talking Dead Space 3

Okay, so EA isn’t “talking” about Dead Space 3 so much as “making brief mention of it” in a larger discussion about their stable of  “strong, growing franchises,” but EA’s boss confirmed it’s but one Sprawl-spanning kill fest removed from … Continue reading

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